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 Group classes, one to one sessions and corporate workshops.

One Two Pilates classes explore the Pilates mat repertoire using small equipment to enhance the practise.

Classes offer a full body workout that is challenging yet fun and will leave you feeling invigorated! 


Strengthen and tone several muscle groups at once. Your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned leaving you more able to enjoy daily activities with ease and reduced risk of injury

Regular Pilates practise improves joint mobility and helps to reduce the effects of daily repetitive activities. The result is a more agile and flexible body

Good posture is key for optimal health at all ages. By lengthening the body, opening the hips and teaching proper spinal alignment, Pilates offsets poor posture habits that result from our modern lifestyles

Pilates is a mindful practise that requires you to focus on your body, breathing and movement.  You will acquire a stronger mind-body connection and enhanced mental and emotional well-being

Regular Pilates practise improves blood flow resulting in the release of stress-fighting and mood-boosting chemicals and improving memory



I am a fully certified and insured Pilates matwork instructor based in Bishop's Stortford. I trained in London under the expert guidance of Joanne Cobbe; Founder and Principal Tutor of JPilates. I also hold qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Pilates Barre.


Pilates really has changed my body and my life and I'm passionate about showing other people the amazing benefits Pilates has to offer. 

I teach several weekly classes in Bishop's Stortford and am available for one on one sessions and corporate workshops. 



Due to current social distancing guidelines all classes will be taken online from mid June and will be delivered via zoom so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of Pilates from the comfort of your home! 

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